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Partner with AEPTC

Definitively measuring a candidates’ competency or fitness requires the best people, processes, and technology working together at the highest level. So when the world’s leading licensure, certification, admissions or other credentialing programs need a computer-based testing partner, they turn to AEPTC.

Why? The answer is both easy and complex.

From the moment we begin working together, our customers come to understand that each AEPTC team, whether content development, program management, test center operations or candidate services, is committed to excellence.

Computer-based testing, however, is a complicated business. AEPTC Ph.D. psychometricians, solution architects, technologists and security experts –true industry leaders--are continuously innovating to improve systems and processes.

AEPTC has the talent and tools to develop, manage, deliver and grow your computer-based testing program. Let us show you how.

Develop your exam

Whether your exam measures professional competence, IT proficiency or driving skills, we can help you achieve your goal of a fair, valid, reliable and legally defensible exam.

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Manage your testing program

The technology, tools, and expertise to help you effectively manage your program and better serve your candidates.

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Deliver your exam

Based on your program's coverage and security requirements, AEPTC will recommend the testing environments, technology and processes to administer your exam effectively.

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Grow your program

Whatever the stage of your testing program – recently launched, years of successful administration or developing a brand new exam – if your objective is to grow your program, AEPTC is eager to help.

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